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Welcome To The Greatest Card

The Greatest Card brings a completely new dimension to the greetings card market. Like most cards you are able to add a personal message but unlike other cards, not only do you receive a card but a brief window into the greatest moments for your idol in the form of a short interview.

At The Greatest Card we want you to get to know your idol a little better. Together we have produced a series of videos produced exclusively for The Greatest Card the full version is only available once you have received a card. Please take a look at our teaser videos to give you a short snippet of what you can expect.

The Greatest Card website was launched in December 2014 and since then we have been striving to improve the selection of celebrities we offer.

All cards are produced here in the UK and sent to you, or directly to your recipient by Royal Mail.

The likes of social media has removed barriers and enabled people to connect with their idols with ease. The Greatest Card has added a new dimension to the greetings card. Your heroes can share their stories with you via a series of intimate never seen before videos only available to the recipient of these cards all you need is access to the internet.

How the idea developed

When I was a young lad, I grew up idolising George Best. To watch him on Match of the Day on a Saturday night was fantastic. His balance, grace, bravery and skill was magical, he set my pulse racing. To imagine that I could ever have a connection with the ‘Best player on the Planet’ was the stuff of dreams and so I was left to admire and imagine from a distance.

Back then, if my parents could have arranged for a signed Birthday or Christmas Card from George, to me, I would have been in seventh heaven and such a Card would certainly have become a truly treasured possession for life.

In 1992, two years prior to the FIFA World Cup, I was relaxing on the balcony of the famous “Whiskey Joes” Bar in Tampa, overlooking the glorious Gulf of Mexico, enjoying an ice cold beer with my great friend and colleague, Chelsea, Arsenal, Stoke City and England International footballer Alan Hudson.

Alan had received a letter from his friend, George Best. He valued this letter as one of his most prized possessions and we began to discuss the meaning of such a connection, with an icon like George. Our thoughts were basically, that nobody could ever take away the sentiments recorded in his letter; it carried a permanent endorsement and emotion that could never be put into financial terms. It was here that the concept for The Greatest Card was born.

People very rarely get to connect with their heroes. With this in mind and calling on our memories of Tampa 1992, Alan and I have teamed up with the hugely respected Chief Sportswriter at TheDaily Mail, Jeff Powell and the extremely talented creative team of Tony Loan and Tammy Gilder, to create thegreatestcard.com.

Your Card can be for any occasion, Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary or simply a gesture of Love, Best Wishes or Friendship.

We very much look forward to making that personal connection for you and to giving you a tangible and valuable memory for life.

What makes us different?

Now, here at The Greatest Card, we can make that connection, between yourself, your loved ones or close friends and that admired but thus far elusive idol or hero.

For example, if your closest friend’s hero is Bryan Robson and his or her Birthday is just around the corner, you can arrange for an authentic signed Birthday Card, also carrying a personal message, to be sent direct to you or your friend in time for their special day.

Simply select the Card from our library below, write the message as you want it to appear in the Card for example: ‘To Tommy, Have a Fantastic Birthday, With Very Best Wishes, Bryan Robson’ (of course you can add your name) along with an authentic signature.

Your Card can be for any occasion, Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary or simply a gesture of Love, Best Wishes or Friendship.

We very much look forward to making that personal connection for you and to giving you a tangible and valuable memory for life.

Meet Our Team

I am a product of Bill Hudson from Fulham but because of the way clubs were run in those days I was turned away by Fulham Football Club for being “too small” which had my father telling them “he will grow” I was twelve at the time and had just watched Alan Ball scored a hat-trick for Blackpool at Craven Cottage and he was the same size as I was at that time. On that night I saw a player who I not only went on to ply my trade against but play alongside for England, in  my debut against World Champions, West Germany in 1975. I played against Bobby Moore, George Best, Johan Cruyff and Pele by the time I was eighteen, which stood me in good stead. Although I had wonderful times at both Chelsea and Stoke City (with the greatest manager of my time) and a nightmare at Arsenal (through injury) my move from Highbury to Seattle in 1978/79 was the highlight of my life after such a low at Arsenal. After a horrendous car ordeal which left me in a 69 day coma with ‘multiple injuries” on 15 December 1997 things have continued to go wrong, and I cannot blame managers for that, all I can do is thank my surgeons who were much more intelligent and professional than those managers, but that was not too difficult. I continue to be disabled and at times unable but I continue to fight in the hope that some day something might go my way. Could it be The Greatest Card with the Greatest Player on the Planet, who knows?

Alan will be launching his new book later this year click here for more details

Alan Hudson
Alan HudsonDirector
Tony Loan
Tony LoanDirector

A multiskilled digital creative with a with a track record making ideas work and stick. During his career, Tony has held an extensive range of senior creative roles from digital design to film and new media.

In 1999, Tony helped deliver Barclay’s first online banking service and has continued to work with blue chip organisations including the BBC, Cannon, Nokia, Oracle, and O2. With an excellent understanding of film and direction.

A multi-award winning sportswriter, Jeff has reported on 13 World Cups as well as numerous Summer and Winter Olympics, Rugby World Cups, Wimbledon, Masters and US Open tennis tournaments, Open Golf Championships and Ryder Cups, NFL SuperBowls, baseball World Series, Grand Nationals and Derbies, Formula 1 Grand Prix and countless world title fights in a 50-year career with the Daily Mail…so far. He has written the authorised biography of Bobby Moore, a close friend.

Jeff has also covered several tragedies and other major news events which have coincided with his sporting assignments, was called to 10 Downing Street to consult with Prime Minister Thatcher regarding the government’s response to the Heysel Stadium disaster and gave evidence to the post-Hillsborough commission while leading the campaign for all-seater football stadia.

Jeff Powell
Jeff PowellChairman

I was born in Oxford in 1957 and brought up in and around the Oxfordshire town of Didcot, and played football at a relatively high level in my younger days, although never reaching the dizzy heights that my great friend and now Co-Director Alan Hudson achieved, which are well documented elsewhere in these pages. I was educated at St Birinus Secondary Modern School in Didcot and later went on to train as a Plasterer and Dry Liner, eventually running my own business in that sphere.

Having left the Building Industry in my late forties, I held several managerial rolls locally, however, with respect to my previous employers, nothing has exited me anywhere near as much as my latest position with Greatest Card Ltd. To work with such people as Alan, Jeff Powell, Tony Loan and Tammy Gilder and representing the iconic people within our library of ‘Subjects’, fills me with a terrific sense of pride and real passion and determination, to produce a wonderful product that reflects all involved in the light in which they clearly deserve.

Paul McCormack
Paul McCormack Managing Director