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Most Famous Players Gone for a Burton

Most Famous Players Gone for a Burton It is Play-off day in League Two  and the one thing that sticks in my mind is how Chelsea were very fortunate that Bobby Robson never listened to my father when being tipped off about Ian Hutchinson.  ‘Hutch’ who became Peter Osgood’s magnificent [...]

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Extract from my latest Book…

Extract from my latest Book… Exactly one year on from this most incredible and brutal killing of Lee Rigby it still shakes me to the core and every time I walk from the shop carrying my carrier bag or laptop bag I think of Lee. I look around me and [...]

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As Luck would have it…

As Luck would have it… I told you the story about my luck with management, here is the other side of the coin… The man who signed me at Arsenal, Terry Neil, unbeknown to me was a very luck y man whilst serving out his time at Hull City…That meaning he [...]

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My biggest Regret

My biggest Regret This was of course of not being given an opportunity to become the manager of a Football Club, and how close I was on a couple of occasions. The first was quite funny as I was enjoying an afternoon at Chester races with an old friend Michael [...]

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Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood Ivor, in Planet Hollywood, gave us a warm welcome, as we entered the building looking forward to a very, very pleasant day. My son Allen and I once shown in went opposite for a quick partion befecause we were the first to arrive. Once the guests finally arrived, [...]

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