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Alan Hudson Walks on Water

When I was a kid I delivered the North Staffordshire Evening Sentinel for a couple of years. Or to put it another way: I had a paper round. There were two compelling local football stories during my time and one compelling national story which became local – the kidnapped heiress Lesley Whittle was found [...]

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"He was an acquired taste, Alan Hudson. He was ahead of his time, for sure, and such savants often suffer as a consequence. However, by working tirelessly, showing his colours and winning matches, Huddy emphatically won Seattle over. This week he returns, and the occasion provides an opportunity to share what Hudson was all [...]

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Extract from my latest Book…

Extract from my latest Book… Exactly one year on from this most incredible and brutal killing of Lee Rigby it still shakes me to the core and every time I walk from the shop carrying my carrier bag or laptop bag I think of Lee. I look around me and [...]

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