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FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD This was the biggest ever story that has ever come out of the English press about the game in the USA, whether it NASL or MLS, as Frank Lampard and Steve Gerrard (two England captains of recent years) come face to face in Los Angeles. The [...]

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Great memories Alan, except for me diving into your knee! Many great names and players. I miss those days as I age. I was so fortunate to play with the likes of you, Bobby Moore, Mike England, Harry Redknapp, those you mention, and so many more! But I also will never forget how you personally [...]


CLASSIC DISGRACE   After watching Everton join the rest of our Premier League Chumps by crashing out of the ‘Thursday Cup’ I waited for ‘Super Sunday’ to see what the difference was between the Spanish and English league.  Okay, I already knew that Barcelona and Real Madrid haves the far superior individuals, although [...]

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