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Okay, we have new managers coming in from all angles in the Premier League but they are arriving at a time the League is tougher than ever before, because Leicester City have lifted the Bar for those clubs who now will believe that “If Leicester can do it” and why not indeed?

Last season Spurs were in touching distance when coming up against Eden Hazard at the Bridge who decided to put in his only performance of the season, which he repeated with Belgium in the tournament just gone.

Spurs will regain their composure under their brilliant manager and finish above Guardiola, a bet you can have without any doubt because what they will be calling things up north is “rebuilding” something you have no time to do over here anymore and the pressure (although the Dole Queue is pressure) is on those two man in Manchester, one who calls himself “Special” something that has been replaced down here in the Riley Pub in Chelsea by several words unprintable.

His home till sands in the upper Echelons of property along from Roman, empty, much like his last visit as manager, reminding me of Old Mother Hubbard.

The big question in London is “Will this be Wenger’s last season in charge?”

The answer lies with just how England get on under Allardyce, which is another story, if he finally gets his Dream job, and if he does as the Beach Boys sang “God Only Knows” what will happen to a nation that is like coming home from one of those Holidays you see on TV in Spain where there is no pool no roof and most certainly, no return.

I read Lothar Matthias that great German midfield player say in a newspaper yesterday that “the future here could still be bright for England”, well I reply to tell him by saying “You’ve fell into the pundit trap already and you’ve only had one stint on TV” when will they learn?

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