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Who would have thought when Sir Alex Ferguson hung up his Hair Dryer that three or four years on (how time crawls at Old Trafford) that after employing another one of his countrymen David Moyes and then a nailed on certainty in LVG from wherever he received such recognition those who once hated Jose Mourinho find him on their front lawn, a lawn that needs more than simply cutting.

Firstly, we witnessed in those European Championships that Pogba is nowhere near the £100 million Mourinho has incredibly offered for him, in fact Sissoko, his French sidekick looked more the player and he was involved with relegation last season, much like Jose would have done had he stayed with his once loved Chelsea, where his home is close to mine, only much more exclusive or is it expensive?

With Chelsea bringing in Conte I think they might have signed the wrong one, for I would have signed to Leicester City one, although spelt a little different.

It seems that the bookmakers are going to clean up again for last seasons champions cost punters many millions with Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United all failing to get within ten points of Leicester and Chelsea’s old manager, the great Claudio Ranieri.

But time has passed and enter even more management from afar, and he one who will find that Manchester City will be a different proposition than when taking over Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

Guardiola walked into the dug out of those two European giants knowing that he, like Ranieri at Chelsea, only had to tinker a little with the likes of Messi and Robben ready made match winners.

Now he walks into the Etihad and faces his first major challenge on the grounds that is like me going on holiday to Afghanistan, and those birds are circling above, unlike the ones that Messi and Barcelona charmed from the Spanish trees.

I remember as a young player and my first time playing at Liverpool as an 18-year-old and looking at that sign above the tunnel WELCOME TO ANFIELD, well, this is WELCOME TO THE PREMIER LEAGUE for Pep and the likes of Tony Pulis relishing the opportunity to see if he is up for the kind of battle he as never experienced.

I would not back Manchester City with bad money!

I also would not give their neighbours any more of a look as Jose really has jumped out of the frying pan, thinking that if he gets off to a flyer those on the Red Side of Manchester will not only forgive all he has said and dome to them but LOVE him.

No Way Jose!

When I was asked to write this piece it was mentioned about Chelsea signing this player worth so many millions, but I’m afraid the modern day game is all about managers, their egos and pay packets.

Oh how we miss Sir Alex, the man with that Hair Dryer that made him like Wyatt Earp and Matt Dillon in our League walking through Dodge City as if he owned it and he actually did.

I can picture him right now sitting back in his parlour sipping his red wine and drooling at the fact that he will soon be watching Guardiola v Mourinho much like Julius Casaer sat back to watch the Chariot Race, with his thumb ready and waiting.

He will settle for a 0-0 draw and he will not be far wrong, because both clubs are nowhere near what Ale once possessed long before he realized that money at last has taken over completely.

I mean, why do the managers keep coming over when our national team is third rate?


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